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Attention Men And Women Who Want To Get In Shape WITHOUT EVER Going To The Gym

Introducing VIP Fitness Live

The ALL NEW, Watch At Home Way To Lose Weight In Your Very Own Living Room

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Real Attainable Results for Everybody

MyVIP Fitness Transformation Centers continue to expand and grow as more and more people make the decision to follow our program and change their life. Their weight loss and muscle gain results speak for themselves! Find out how attainable real life results can be for you at the comfort of your home.

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Lose the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle

It is easy to imagine yourself weighing 20 pounds less, active and able to play with your kids, enjoying the outdoors, and engaging with your friends without the literal weight of life keeping you down. In reality though, it is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting to put forth the effort to change your life. MyVIP Fitness Transformation Centers empower you to achieve what you have always assumed impossible. Fit into your skinny jeans, feel carefree at the pool, and get the energy back to play with your kids again. Through our culture of accountability, professional expertise, and personalized training you can get your life back.

Our thousands of members were just like you, but with commitment to following instruction have finally shed their weight, unhealthy lifestyle, and the shame that accompanied them.

With The Right Exercise You Can Do Everything Wonderful For Your Body

Busy People Just Like YOU Are Seeing Extraordinary Body Slimming Results... Without Leaving Their Living Room!

This unique workout solution is making fitness easier than ever before. And eliminates any barrier that held you back from getting the body you crave. Like...

  • Not having enough time. (especially to drive to the gym and back)...

  • The noisy and cramped gym environment...

  • Huffing, puffing and getting sweaty in front of strangers...

  • Exercising next to gym buffs who bang heavy weights and flex in the mirror...

  • Not knowing how to use exercise equipment...

  • The same long, boring workouts every week...

You Get:

  • Coaching

  • Support

  • Motivation

  • Accountability

  • Private Facebook group access

  • "LIVE" workouts from our camp. (not videos)

  • Nutrition plan

  • Amazing Results

We Get:

  • Your testimonial

  • You’re before and after pictures and videos

Register now to join our AMAZING FITNESS FAMILY right at the comfort of your own home